Crazy Idea: Vamping Xander

I have a crazy idea that came about when a friend asked me to look at my Fanfiction’s main characters try and find the worst possible things in their mind that could happen to them in the story. So I got to Xander and here’s what I came up with… Becoming a vampire and killing his friends: I think that is his worst nightmare. And my friend and I jumped on the idea. But as it turns out vamping Xander is not as simple as it seems.

            First off I’m writing my story in early season 5 starting right after The Replacement; so Xander’s not in the same place as he was in season 1 or in season 3 where the two episodes that we ever see Xander as an ‘evil character’ happen; one being The Pack and the other The Wish. But even these episodes aren’t perfect depictions of my ultimate goal: turning Xander into a vampire.

            The Pack has one main problem Xander’s under a hyena possession and I’m unsure how much of what happens in this episode is due to being possessed by a hyena or due to Xander’s character flaws and the character growth of the 1st season and if said flaws and growth imprinted on how Xander acted under the possession and what if anything of this possession would still happen if Xander became a vampire four years later.

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The Wish one would think that this would be the perfect episode to watch to figure out how to write Vamp!Xander. However I came to the conclusion: that I just don't know how much of The Wish is really helpful we see so little of Xander and Vamp!Xander seems so not like Xander. That’s because in the Wishverse Xander lacks the fundamental charge of his life: Buffy and without her what has allowed Xander to grow over time from season 1 to season 5 isn’t there. But here are my notes anyway.

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So I guess I’m left with a lot of complicated questions and with no end in sight. This whole idea will be a roller coaster of crazyness. But I think it will be awesome once its all done. I just feel I need a few more brains on the this idea.
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The Basics and The Reason Why

As you know I'm writing a Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the Series Fanfiction. So what is my story about you ask. Here is a basic summary:
Title: A Sire’s Blood and A Mate’s Love
Characters/Pairing: Spike/OC, Angel(us)/OC, Willow/Oz, implied Angelus/William and other cannon pairings.
Rating: story as a whole ranges from PG-NC17

The Watcher’s Diaries have chronicled the Aurelius line for centuries, more importantly the Master’s descends; Darla sired Angelus and he in turn sired Penn, Drusilla and William the Bloody. But what the Counsel didn’t know was that in 1893 Angelus sired another, a young girl named Marian. She was presumed dead for over a century. However her mysterious appearance in modern Sunnydale changes everything for the Scoobies and has the power to reawaken the Scourge of Europe.
Timeline: BtVS: everything through season four except for the episode "Wild at Heart" [as far as Oz leaving again and Tara are concerned] and the additions of Tara and Riley. Also makes use of some concepts of season 6. 
AtS: Takes place sometime after “Are You Now or Have You Ever Been” with the events of “Over the Rainbow”, “Through the Looking Glass”, and ‘There’s No Place Like Plrtz Glrb” having taken place sometime before the story’s start. The story covers the events of season 2 through “Redefinition”

Basically right now that's it for what I know. I've been working on this story for two years now its been one of the only things keeping me sane over that time which is probably why its sixty-one chapters and counting.
However, after I left my old school and have had six months to rest, after an extremely painful and abusive semester had the hands of so called friends, and to wait until September to start at a new school I looked over the story and honestly some of the early stuff made me gag literally.
Most of the reason was because I had a co-author who abandoned the story about half way through but her writing had effected mine in how I wrote my main character Marian. Yes Marian was sired with a soul along with other things that make her not a normal vampire but she still is a vampire with Spike as her mate and Angelus as her sire you can't tell me she is going to remain cute and innocent forever with those two as your family and lovers. And on top of that she spends a hundred years in a hell demotion being beaten, and raped to remain innocent after that is impossible. 
So upon rereading the story that had been written I knew I needed to do some major rewriting. I found a very good Beta Reader and together we are working on it. If you want to read the rough draft you can go to www.fanfiction.net/~childoffay my FF.net profile to do so. Well I think I've babbled on enough feel free to comment.
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A New Start

Hi Everyone,
I'm Laura and I've never done this before so any one has anyway to help me let me know.  Right now I'm writing my first ever fanfiction based on Buffy the Vampire/ Angel. On that note; sadly no one I know has seen ether of these shows and those who have saw them years ago so they don't really want to hear me talk about it anymore. I only go into them last fall and so its very new to me so I'm still obsessing.  I'm looking for new friends.
My plans is that this journal is that it will be sort of a companion to my fanfiction.net profile with things about my writing ideas, pictures and odds and ends.  On Fanfiction.net I've posted the unfinished rough draft of my first story and I'm am working to rewrite it with the help of my beta reader.
~Child of Fay   
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